Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friday night
26 Dec. 1969

I made another tape of a mission today. I know these tapes are bad and confusing and hard to understand, but they do give an idea of what we experience. This particular tape has some foul language by my pilot when he got excited about how good our bomb drop was. We got all ten bombs right on target.

My regular pilot, May. Gibson is gone on R & R to Hawaii, so I’m flying with various pilots right now. Today I flew a scramble off the hot pad with my roommate. He’s a pretty good pilot.
Russ Fyke is going on R & R the first of January. His wife is pregnant again, so he’s going on R & R before she gets to far along (I wonder why!). She is about 4 ½ months now, I think. I sure hope they have better luck this time.

Today has been a typical long day! I’ve been on the hot pad since 1800 last night and am on the duty now. I really don’t have anything else to do, but I would like to relax a little bit. I should be off tomorrow morning to get some sleep.

Photo - an unhappy Vietnamese child.

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