Thursday, December 31, 2009

31 December 1969

New Year’s Eve

I’m leaving tomorrow for Okinawa for FAC school.  I didn’t get any mail today so I guess it’ll be about two weeks before I get any more mail.

We just found out today that we have to be there by 1300 on the 3rd, so we have to leave here tomorrow to be sure of getting there on time.  We will go to Danang for further transportation.

I flew twice today.  Once with the pilot who got shot down last Sunday.  I flew the hop before he was shot down with him, and now I’ve flown the next hop afterwards.  I’m glad I missed the one in the middle!!  Both of those guys will get Purple Hearts.  I flew tonight with O.J.

We’re supposed to have a big New Year’s celebration tonight at the club.  A combo from the Americal Division was playing, but they were so bad I left to go take a shower.  I’ll go back over there after awhile, I suppose, to see in the New Year.

A truce is in effect, now, from 1800 tonight until 1800 tomorrow night.  During that time we’ll fly no combat missions in South Vietnam.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

30 December 1969

Tuesday Nite
30 Dec. 1969

Things have returned to normal around here. The days are long and boring! MAG-13 had another plane lost Sunday, but it wasn’t an F-4. It was a C-117, a cargo plane used by the group and belonging to H&MS 13. The plane had about 5 people on it. It disappeared Sunday afternoon and they found it today crashed in the mountains west of here. I didn’t know any of the people.

I got a letter and a Monitor today.

I flew twice today, as usual. I have 53 missions now. Doesn’t seem possible! A big occasion is getting 100 missions. Everyone looks forward to that. Then I can wear a “100 mission” patch on my flight jacket. Of course, I don’t wear my jacket much! Ha.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve - and I find it hard to believe that it’ll be 1970.

A truck went to Tam Ky today, so I sent the toys and shoes. They had a whole lot of other things as well.

The movie tonight was “Candy” which I had seen in Key West. But I saw it again, for lack of anything else to do.

Russ left for R&R this morning. I’ll bet he has a good time for the next week!!

It’s been a long day since 0530 this morning seems like I just can’t get caught up on my sleep.