Wednesday, December 30, 2009

30 December 1969

Tuesday Nite
30 Dec. 1969

Things have returned to normal around here. The days are long and boring! MAG-13 had another plane lost Sunday, but it wasn’t an F-4. It was a C-117, a cargo plane used by the group and belonging to H&MS 13. The plane had about 5 people on it. It disappeared Sunday afternoon and they found it today crashed in the mountains west of here. I didn’t know any of the people.

I got a letter and a Monitor today.

I flew twice today, as usual. I have 53 missions now. Doesn’t seem possible! A big occasion is getting 100 missions. Everyone looks forward to that. Then I can wear a “100 mission” patch on my flight jacket. Of course, I don’t wear my jacket much! Ha.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve - and I find it hard to believe that it’ll be 1970.

A truck went to Tam Ky today, so I sent the toys and shoes. They had a whole lot of other things as well.

The movie tonight was “Candy” which I had seen in Key West. But I saw it again, for lack of anything else to do.

Russ left for R&R this morning. I’ll bet he has a good time for the next week!!

It’s been a long day since 0530 this morning seems like I just can’t get caught up on my sleep.


  1. I love how you gave toys to the orphans. That's the kind of Marine I want my son to be.

  2. The C-117 was pancaked on the hill nose up. I had two friends on that plane.