Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Monday night
27 Oct. 1969

Its 1930 [subtract 12 for civilian time] and I’m all ready for bed because there is nothing else to do. I’ve been up since 0315 this morning. I had a good flight this morning. So I’ve had two flights and have two points toward my air medal. It takes twenty points for one air medal so I’ve a long way to go. I get one point for each combat mission and two points if someone shoots at me!!! It would be perfectly awful if President Nixon announced a cease fire before I get my medal! (Not really)

Well, anyway, the movie is bad tonight so I don’t want to go to that, so I guess I’ll read awhile then go to sleep.

I was postal inspector at the main MAG-13 [Marine Air Group] post office. I had to inspect the contents of all packages being mailed by enlisted people to make sure they didn’t mail any prohibited materials, like drugs, guns, ammunition, etc.

I bought two books in Corpus Christi last Friday (boy doesn’t seem like it was just last Friday.), and I’ve already read the big one and I’m half way thru Kennedy’s book about the Cuban crisis. According to his book, it wasn’t anything like in that book TOPAZ. It’s a much better book than I expected. Very interesting.

Looks like the monsoon season is about to start here. This is a time of the year (winter) when it rains or drizzles almost all the time for several months. It started raining early this morning and has rained on and off all day, at times raining as hard as you’ve ever seen.

The war is still dragging along. Nothing happening and nothing to do. They don’t have cokes here, so I haven’t had a coke since I’ve been in Chu Lai, only root beer, and orange drinks.

I still haven’t been assigned a job in the squadron.

Russ Fyke said his wife is pregnant again! And the Fabrizios had a baby boy. They named him KIRK. How about that for a name. He was born the day before Gary had to leave for Vietnam. How’s that for timing. I’ll bet she was miserable. Having the baby and him leaving at the same time.

I'm still living in a room by myself. This room is about ten by 15 feet. We have no water in our hooches, so we have to go to a central shower/restroom building.

Can’t think of anything else.

Photo - Officer's Club, Chu Lai

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