Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wednesday night
5 Nov. 1969

I’ve had a long day (another one) and it’s not over yet! I’ve already flown once today and I’m flying again tonight at midnight! I volunteered for this mission because I’m flying all I possibly can!

We had a live floor show at the club tonight which helped break the monotony of life here! It was a rock and roll band from the Philippines, some go-go girls, and a singer from Australia. The whole group was fair, but considering how we can’t be choosy in this war zone, they were o.k.

I’m listening to the news and it sounds as though the “silent majority” supports President Nixon! I support him too. I was just disappointed that he didn’t say more in his speech.

I didn’t get any mail today but maybe I will tomorrow! There’s always tomorrow to look forward to.

I was at the PX today and they have towels for sale now!

The weather was (is) really bad here today. The wind has been blowing so hard that some of our flights had to be canceled. When we landed this morning it was real scary! We only have one runway here that can be used by F-4s and when we have a high cross wind, it’s very dangerous. At Cherry Point we had two runways, so, no matter which way the wind was blowing, we could take off into the wind. It was pouring rain when we got in our plane this morning, so we got pretty wet and it wasn’t very comfortable!

I’ve sent off one roll of film to be developed. They’re all pictures of Okinawa and Chu Lai, and a couple of pictures of the planes I flew in coming over here. I have one more roll of film to take,
then when that’s gone, I’m going to buy one of those fancy cameras. I can get a real good one for less than $50.

Photo - view from the backseat of F-4B.

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