Monday, August 17, 2009

Tuesday night
4 Nov. 1969

Everyone over here is pretty depressed by President Nixon’s speech. We were so excited about what he was going to say, but when the speech was over we all agreed that he really didn’t say anything at all!
Now we just don’t know what to expect. We don’t know anymore than we did yesterday about what he’s going to do about this lousy war.

I flew my ninth mission this morning, early, and I’ve a total of eleven points. And since President Nixon didn’t announce the cease fire, I won’t have any trouble getting the air medal. We were supposed to fly a CAS mission today, but the weather was so bad, we dropped our bombs on a TPQ. I don’t even know what the letters TPQ mean!

One of the other squadrons is having a stand-down tomorrow, which means we have to take up the slack and fly more to do their share for one day. This means I’ll probably get to fly twice! I sure hope so. I’d like to earn that medal before I go to the Philippines next week.

I’m really tired and I haven’t done anything since 0900 this morning. I don’t like to fly early in the morning because it makes the day seem so long. Maybe after I get a jog in, the day won’t be so bad.

Photo - F-4B loaded with bombs and external fuel tanks.

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