Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesday Night
28 Oct. 1969

There’s a good movie tonight at the o’club, for once. It’s Three in an Attic. so I’ll write this early and go to bed right after the movie as I’ve a 0400 brief tomorrow morning.

Today I was on the hot pad this morning but didn’t scramble, then I flew a CAS (close air support) mission. However the weather continues very bad thru out northern South Vietnam. We couldn’t get on our target because of the clouds so we just came back home. Anyway, that makes three missions for me. I’ve flown twice with the XO and I’m flying with him again tomorrow morning. He’s really a nice guy to fly with.

I’ve sent off a couple of applications for magazine subscriptions. If I get those, that’ll help build up the amount of mail I get.

We’ve been reading about how cold it is in the north part of the states. I really don’t know what the temperature is over here these days. I know it seems plenty hot, but it may be the humidity. I still haven’t taken a full roll of film, but when I do, I’ll get them developed.

Russ Fyke was flying last night, and as they were landing someone was shooting at them! It’s real bad right off the ends of the runway because the VC [viet cong] can shoot at you because you’re so low.

Photos - air crews on the hot pad.

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