Monday, August 24, 2009

Tuesday night
11 Nov. 1969

Guess what!! I earned my air medal!! I got my 20th point last night on a TPQ!! It was a extra mission added to the schedule. I didn’t fly at all today, although I was on the hot pad all afternoon! I also had a CAS mission cancelled this morning. So it’s a good thing I got that extra mission last night.

I won’t actually get the medal until we have another AOM, or some occasion at which they’ll pass out the medals.

O.J. Riddell has been here two weeks longer than I have, and he has only nineteen points! So I beat him! I suppose from now on, I’ll earn a lot of air medals, but they won’t mean as much as the first one! I didn’t get any mail today, but I’ll be looking forward to the mail that is waiting when I get back.

Photos - Vietnamese civilians working on new, hardened revetments.

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