Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thursday Morning
23 Oct. 1969

I’m going to Chu Lai! I’ve been assigned to MAG-13 down there which has three F-4 squadrons, so don’t know yet what my exact address will be. Hope to know before this day is over. Went to the MAG-11 o’club here at Danang last night and saw a lot of people I know. Talked to Bob Burnes for quite a while and he bought me a coke. Also saw Jack Bowers, a ground officer 1/Lt who left 513 about two months ago. He got me a place to sleep in his “hooch” (what they call the small buildings we live in). I slept in Ken Bond’s bed. He’s down in the Philippines going to a survival school right now. Capt. John Nelson and Lou DeLaGarza are in this squadron here at Danang but I didn’t get to see them last night.

Just now ran into a private who left 513 about three months ago. I’m sitting here waiting for a flight to Chu Lai on a C-130 and he just happened to walk by. He is the guy who was having so much trouble in the squadron and who had gotten the girl pregnant who ran away from home and was headed to Cherry Point, that night I was SDO.

I’ve been here since 1630 yesterday, and I’ve seen no fighting or any signs of war. It’s real quiet here right now. I understand they took some rockets in here Monday night but none last night, think goodness.

Thursday night
23 Oct. 1969

Got to Chu Lai o.k. and have been assigned to VMFA-122. I already have a place to live and it has a great air conditioner. I’m living in a “hooch” that is divided into four rooms, two men to a room and I’m by myself right now.

I have various lectures tomorrow that I must have prior to flying, so I should be able to start flying real soon.

I heard that Rosie Greer’s wife had her baby, 16 Sept, a boy!

I didn’t bring any towels and they don’t have any over here!!

Some of the people in this squadron are, O.J. Riddle, John Haynes, Russ Fyke, Peck Bradshaw, Mike Larson, Tom Seykora, John Brewer and Kenny Graham. All except Russ came from 513. So I’m right amongst old friends!

It’s late and I still have to take a shower.

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