Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wednesday night
19 Nov. 1969

I have the duty tonight so I’ve nothing to do except write letters and read. The latter I’ve been doing all day. I started a new book today. I finished, finally, that boring book, and it had one of those sad endings that leaves you with a hollow feeling in your stomach!

I flew a close air support mission this morning and we had a good target, but got a poor BDA! It was a village and Viet cong had been seen there this morning and we suspected there was a tunnel complex there. Anyway, we got credit for three hooches destroyed, 70 meters of tree line destroyed, and one secondary fire.

All the trouble we go to, just to destroy shacks! Of course, there may have been a tunnel complex and VC killed that we may never know about!

O.J. Riddell was given credit, today, for killing a Viet cong, in a village near where we were bombing.

I’m flying once every day, and now have 19 missions. We fly a little less each day, it seems, and I don’t know how much longer they can afford to keep us here for what little we are doing. I see so much money wasted over here, it’s pathetic. I don’t feel the least bit sorry that I won’t have to pay income tax while I’m here.

I got my slides back that I took in Okinawa and here.

Photo - hanging out on the flight line.

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