Tuesday, June 15, 2010

15 June 1970

15 June 1970

Life here continues the same - screwed up!  The past two days every thing has gone wrong.  Seems like everything fell apart when Ron left, and I spend all my time running in circles trying to put it all back together again.  I don’t think it’s me that’s causing it.  Ha.

The new air officer went to the bush today for a few days to see how the grunts really live.  He’ll be coming back in to take over when I leave.  I’m still looking for MY replacement.  He should be here tomorrow - I hope - and I hope to leave here Sunday.  I’ll say one thing, I won’t be a bit sad to see the last of this place!!!!

We haven’t had much activity the past couple of days.  We’re still chasing intelligent reports of enemy locations in our AO.  Mostly we’re trying to find the VC that attacked that village a few days ago.  Apparently, Washington is interested in that episode and intends to use it at the Paris Peace Conference as an example of the atrocities being perpetrated by the VC.  I understand some photographers took a lot of photos to be sent to Paris for that purpose.

We’ve had a lot of rain the past three days.  It’s almost like the monsoon season.  It’s been raining almost constantly, with heavy downpours at times.

I’m getting information about R&R in Hawaii.  Seems that I can write the R&R center at Fort Derussey, Hawaii, and make reservations for a hotel.  The new air officer said he spent less than $1,000 on R&R in Hawaii.  And that included his wife’s ticket, hotel room at $24 per day, a rental car everyday, and all the liquor he drank for 6 days.

Let’s see - 46 days until R&R - and 125 days ‘til 18 Oct!!  Seems like R&R is just around the corner!!!!!

Top photo - Vietnamese salvaging goods from bombed out shops

Bottom photo - Vietnamese boy standing in front of bombed out shops

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