Wednesday, June 23, 2010

23 June 1970

23 June 1970

Now that I’m back at Chu Lai, I’ll try to write something everyday - like before.  I have returned to normal activity - flew twice today - just like the old days - and will probably fly twice tomorrow.

I’m reading a real good book about a fighter pilot in WWII (a novel).  It is written in a very sarcastic manner and points out all the absurdities of the way the military did things.  That’s the kind of book I would like to write about my experiences with the grunts!!  I really wish I did have the ability to write, because there is so much I would like to say about the “system”.

I told the P.X. officer about the slide projector and he said he would be glad to replace it!  Of course that’s not very feasible now.  I just wanted him to be aware of what happened.

It’s really strange how I’m so glad to be back here!  No matter how bad it is here - it’s not as bad as it was there!!!!

Top photo - School
Bottom photo - Government building

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  1. I would sure like to know the name of the novel you were reading!