Sunday, June 20, 2010

20 June 1970

20 June 1970

My replacement is here!!!  He showed up yesterday afternoon.  He is a guy from my squadron, so I knew him at Chu Lai.

I’ll be leaving Baldy tomorrow morning - provided nothing drastic happens to stop me!!

The first thing I’m going to do when I get back to Chu Lai is apply for R&R.  I haven’t done so yet - but there should be no problems.

It’s pouring rain right now.  The rain has been getting heavier and more frequent lately, especially in afternoons.  The good thing is that it cools off the night - makes real good sleeping.

I should get a plaque from the battalion this afternoon at the daily briefing.  I say the battalion  is giving it to me - but actually I bought it for $5!  It’s a real nice plaque and although I’ve been unhappy here - someday I’ll have pleasant memories and bad will have faded away.

I haven’t done anything at all today as the new ALO is taking care of everything.  You’ll never believe how happy I was to see my replacement!  I don’t think I had smiled that much since I’ve been here!

Photos - Buddha pagoda along the highway. 

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