Tuesday, June 1, 2010

1 June 1970

1 June 1970
(from diary)

My radio operator gave me some lip this morning.  He had left his post to go to chow.  While he was gone, a medevac was called for, and I was called up to the COC to take care of it.  I told the young man that I wanted the post manned at all times.  He told me he had to go eat.  I have been generally appalled at the number of disciplinary problems with the grunts.  In three months I’ve seen more screwed up enlisted men than I’ve ever seen in the wing!!!

Frank and I were discussing the sad state of the leadership in Delta company.  That CO has lost about 12 people since he took over the company.  I have not been impressed by the officers in the division.  For the most part they are ignorant, and overbearing.  They, to a man, have an exalted view of themselves - that they are superior.  Of course they think the same of the zoomies!

I’m tired of hearing people complain about the support they receive from the wing.  Grunts refuse to realize that the wing has the same supply system.

This war sucks!!!

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