Friday, June 4, 2010

4 June 1970

4 June 1970
(from diary)

Have just given my first class to CUPP 6.  Didn’t last very long and was of dubious value as troops didn’t seem too interested. An E-4 is the squad leader.  The squad has it’s daytime position in two houses here.  The people are extremely friendly.  One woman is nursing a small girl who looks about two and a half to 3 years old.

They have an ingenious device to filter their well water, as the water is very dirty.

Am just killing time before going back to Baldy. I like being out in the bush with the troops and people - but I don’t like to stay out here! Ha.

The surrounding rice paddies are flooded with water, and have already been filled with new rice stalks.  Seems only a few weeks ago that they were  harvesting the last crops of rice.

The family here is eating their noon meal.  It’s interesting to watch the small kids using chop sticks.  They eat better with chop sticks than my own kids eat with spoons!!

(Read about CUPP here)

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