Sunday, June 27, 2010

27 June 1970

27 June 1970

I’ve been just awful about writing you!  Sorry.  I’m afraid I can’t even remember the last letter I wrote you.

I’m going over to Udorn, Thailand day after tomorrow for about four days.  The reason I’m going is to learn about ABCCC (Airborne Combat Control Centers).  Kind of an orientation deal to let you know what other people are doing in the war.  Actually, it’s a “good deal” - a free trip out of country for a little R and R.  I’m getting to go because I haven’t been out of S. Vietnam for five months!

While I’m over at Udorn, I’ll buy that watch my brother has been wanting.

I have received my orders back to the world.  We’ll be going back to Cherry Point - to my chagrin.  I don’t really mind going to Cherry Point - it’s just that I had my heart set on going to Glynco.  I suppose I’ll be in the squadron there that teaches new pilots how to fly F-4s.

I’ve had a long past 24 hours.  I was on the hot pad for 12 hours, then had the duty for 12 hours.  I was relieved of the duty this morning at 0600.  I guess the squadron figures I need to catch up for los time!  Ha!

Our commanding officer is quite candid about the fact that he thinks 122 will be pulled out of Vietnam during this coming withdrawal.  However, we have no idea when, or where to.

The air conditioning is really great here!!  You just don’t know how much something is appreciated until it’s done without for awhile.

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