Thursday, June 17, 2010

17 June 1970

17 June 1970

My replacement hasn’t shown up, yet.  If he doesn’t get here today I’m going to start worrying.  I intend to leave Sunday - but they probably won’t let me go if my replacement isn’t here.  In fact I know they won’t. 

I mentioned a couple of days ago that things seemed to be all screwed up - but all is well now.  I finally found out that the Regiment was making all the mistakes, were blaming them on me!  It always works that way with the Marines - pass the blame down to the next man!

(following is from diary)

Have four days left here!  Having trouble with Mad Hatter again - they can’t seem to get it together down there.  The operators aren’t passing info along.

Bravo company has really become awful.  They are killing, it seems, almost indiscriminately anything that moves.  Also, Bravo six has become quite a hard ass - gives his people a bad time.

Charlie six has not gotten any better - worse in fact.  His company is falling apart.  Gunny Perez killed by booby trap.

Link to Vietnam Memorial Wall for Gunny Perez. - more photos of damage caused to village by rocket attack by the viet cong.

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