Monday, May 31, 2010

31 May 1970

31 May 1970
(from diary)

Today I observed the influence of politics!  One of the sergeants  was to go to Danang to meet the mayor of his hometown, Macon, Ga.  Well ---the General’s chopper came down to pick him up!!  But no one could find the sergeant.  After a good deal of screaming by colonels, majors and lieutenants, it was determined that the sergeant had got on the wrong helicopter and was on his way to Danang!  Well, this flabbergasted the heavies who couldn’t understand how anyone could be so dumb.

However, it seemed perfectly logical to me.  The poor guy had been told to get down to the VIP pad because the chopper was there waiting for him.  So he went there and got on the only chopper that was running!!

Well, Ron finally got in touch with that chopper and told it to take our lost boy to LZ 400 in Danang.  He got there, probably completely oblivious to all the trouble he had caused.

I have to go back to the bush because Ron is afraid to go to the bush!!!!  He says he doesn’t want to risk getting hurt this close to his R and R. I really feel for him!  Ha.  He has skated this whole tour.   But, he’s a pilot and I’m only a RIO.  Besides, he is six months senior.

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