Thursday, May 27, 2010

27 May 1970

27 May 1970

Right now we’re having a thunderstorm of all the ferocity of the South Plains!!  I’ve seen nothing like this since I’ve been here.  I’m sure glad I’m at Baldy right now.  We’re supposed to have a USO show - but it was to be outside - so I don’t know if we’ll have it now.

I went to Danang yesterday - but we didn’t have the brief I went for.  Someone had screwed up, and no one knew about the brief.  So - I’m going up again tomorrow and try again!

Bravo Co is here, now, for rehab.  I’ll probably go back to the bush with them on the first.  Ron Boehm is leaving the 13th or next month, so I’ll come back to Baldy for the rest of my tour.

Getting back to Chu Lai will be a great feeling!  I’ll never complain again after this 100 days!  It’s still raining and thundering just like the storms at Lubbock.  One thing good is that in the space of 15 mins - I bet the temp dropped about 15 degrees.

I got a package of candy, Kool-Aid, etc.  The candy was all crushed - but still very good.

The mail hasn’t come yet today, but I hope I get some - I look forward to the mail everyday.

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