Friday, May 21, 2010

21 May 1970

21 May 1970

Things continue the same here!  We’re still on this hill and all I do is eat, sleep, and read!  It’s really amazing - the Marine Corps is paying me more than $1,000 per month and I’m not doing a thing for it - except being uncomfortable! Ha.  Think I’ll find a civilian job which will do the same?

I’m eating some cream of wheat right now.  Yesterday for breakfast I ate oatmeal and fried bacon.  We get certain canned meat which we cook.  We had pork chops for supper two days ago.  I’m not eating with the Viets anymore.  I guess I offended them someway!  Ha.  Probably I wasn’t giving them enough C rations and cigarettes!  These people are a pack of thieves and beggars!  They come over to our part of the hill and take any food that’s not being watched.  Then they ask for food, cigarette, etc.  One guy asked me to give him my knife!

This company has a “campaign” to get one kill everyday.  To this end the CO has offered an award to any trooper who gets four kills in one month!  Sounds sort of like a bounty to me.  The CO has only one thing on his mind - for this company to have the most kills this month in the regiment!  How sickening to have such a goal.

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