Sunday, May 23, 2010

23 May 1970

23 May 1970

I have only one more month with the grunts - then back to Chu Lai!  I’m switching to another company today.  I’m going over to D Co for an operation they’re having tomorrow.  Then - probably day after tomorrow, I’ll go to Baldy to be the ALO for a week.

I have now earned 5 ribbons.  National Defense, Vietnamese Service, Vietnamese Campaign, Air Medal, and Combat Action.

I’m still not doing a thing - just killing time ‘til my 100 days is up!

(following is from diary written after the above letter)

Have, this day, returned to Baldy.  After dinner, played several games of volleyball!  Then saw “The Fixer” at the club.  Movie was run as usual with number of frustrating interruptions.

Will become ALO tomorrow and will have to put up with the colonel!

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