Friday, May 7, 2010

7 May 1970

7 May 1970
(from diary)

Have joined Bravo Co.  Left Suicide Charlie yesterday afternoon and spent last night at Baldy.  They thought Baldy would be hit last night and word was passed that everyone would sleep outside in fighting gear!  I just might sleep outside on my one night at Baldy!

All the Lts in my hooch ignored that ridiculous order passed by God knows who.

Perhaps I shall be happier at Bravo.  The CO is breaking his neck to be friendly - but I just want to be left alone.  He is just to pushy.

Vietnamese kids are everywhere!  Can’t get rid of them.  They want to sit right next to me - massage my back - stir my coffee - do anything that they think will get them some chop-chop.  My observation is that they are just like flies!  Lt. D says they’re just like locusts.  I wouldn’t mind them so much if I didn’t know that all they want is food - and that they are probably VC sympathizers.  Very frustrating to know that the people are just as apt to help the VC as the Marines.

I’ve heard some bad things about Bravo.  I.e. they have some bad platoon leaders - and they have lost a lot of people killed and wounded.  Charlie Co may be fucked up - yet, I guess, much safer -has very few casualties.

Am listening to Lakers - Knicks play off game - Go Lakers.

I have just been joined by one of the “flies”.  He is sitting to my left and watching me writing.  He stinks.  Must be about 10 years old.  Will get no chop-chop from me!!!
Kids stole my cigarette lighter!

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