Sunday, May 16, 2010

16 May 1970

16 May 1970
(from diary)

Rain!  Everyday - all day today - off and on.  Looks as though monsoons are here - rats!

Have made brilliant discovery!  Traded a can of sardines to Vietnamese RF for can of concentrated milk.  Milk is great for making cocoa, or for use in coffee.  Will try using in cream of wheat for breakfast tomorrow.

One of our units killed a VC nurse night before last.  Seems she was carrying a lot of VC documents - strange how she was walking point.

We are staying in same place for two nights.  Because of the rain, we have to erect tents, shelters, etc.  will see if we get hit tonight!

Am becoming bored because of lack of contact - action.  All in all - life is very good with Bravo Co.  Good CO, good gunny - lots of chow and juice - morale among troops appears to be very good.  Started reading New Testament.

16 May 1970

My stationary is a bit wet as we’ve had rain the past two nights.  The rain starts each evening about 1800 - just when we’re moving to our night position - so everything gets wet!

I put up a “tent” using my poncho last night and stayed fairly dry.  It’s still cloudy this morning and looks like we’ll be threatened by rain all day.  Just something else to make life in bush uncomfortable!

The helicopters are on their way out now so I’ll have to hurry this letter so I can get it out.  I controlled a flight of air yesterday afternoon - it was fun - but not especially exciting!  Ha.

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