Tuesday, May 11, 2010

11 May 1970

11 May 1970

It is hot here!!  I’m in Chu Lai right now.  I came down here two days ago and I leave tomorrow to go back to Baldy.  I’ve flown twice - once last night and once this morning.  The hop this morning was off the hot pad.  It sure felt good to get back in the F-4.  At the end of the hop this morning, we made a low pass over Baldy - as I had promised some people I would do.  The squadron is still the same - except for a few losses and a few additions.  They’ve lost no aircraft since I’ve been gone.

Most of the people in the squadron think we might leave country between July 15 and Aug 15 - but who knows!  Everyone is just guessing now.

Rick Hines wife had a baby boy born 30 April.  9 lbs 9 ozs.  I’m glad this one was o.k.  I’ll bet they were really worried.

Everyone here says I look as though being a FAC agrees with me because I’ve lost weight and, so they say, look “more fit”.  Also I’ve a good tan on face and arms which makes anyone look better.

I’ve slept in Ken Bonds bed the past two nights.  He is gone on R & R!  I couldn’t believe it, after he had 3 weeks with his wife in January.

I expect I’ll be going back to the bush with B. Co when I get back.  I kind of like being with them. 

I only have 5 weeks to go - I hope they go fast.

In one more week, I’ll have 7 months - with 5 to go.  Now that we’re over the hill, time should go by much faster.

I got my pay record audited - and I have $600 on the books.  This is after I drew some money to buy the slide projector.  That $600 includes my back pay.  My pay in the future is to be $365.00 per month!

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