Saturday, May 15, 2010

14 May 1970

14 May 1970
(from diary)

Am lying in my hammock - bored - have just finished lunch.  Am tired of reading, as I read A Dream of Kings all the way through this morning.

If VC knew how lax we are during daylight - he could sneak up on us and wipe us out!  We are spread over an area about 200 meters - and are all sleeping or resting.  We have a token guard out!?

Kids are bothering me for chop-chop.  I gave them some already - but they’re never happy - always want more.

The kids are most fascinating individuals.  They are only children - yet the war has already made them adults.  One boy says he is 9 - smokes cigs like old man.  Another boy says his papasan killed by VC.

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