Wednesday, July 7, 2010

11 July 1970

11 July 1970

I have the duty tonight, and have been playing cards for the past four plus hours!

Tomorrow we’re having a change of command ceremony.  Our present CO., whom I’ve liked more than any CO I’ve ever had, is going to Wing Headquarters, and our present XO, (A Major) is going to become the CO.  He is my assigned pilot, so I get to fly more than any other RIO, because the he flies every day. 

I’m scheduled to fly two missions tomorrow.  I only flew once today, but didn’t mind.

I’ve learned to play Pinochle, a very interesting game.  It’s not a difficult game, but is sort of fun.  I guess I’ve learned how to play every kind of card game there is - except poker - since I’ve been over here.  What a great accomplishment!

I got cookies today, and they are already gone!  I shared them with the guys on the hot pad tonight.  The cookies were a little dry because they took so long getting here - but VERY good all the same!!

My present roommate, Eric Rooth, is leaving for the world tomorrow.  So he started celebrating last night by getting very drunk.  He brought some of his drunk buddies to our room where they proceeded to make a shambles of the place.  You just wouldn’t believe how wild people get when they are going home.  Eric kicked a hole in the wall, someone else threw a glass against the wall, Eric threw one of his cameras on the floor and stomped it into pieces.  Then they decided to try to turn over the wall lockers.  Fortunately they didn’t succeed.  Then they threw beer on everyone, then began a sword duel with some Thai swords Eric has.  After this they tried sticking the swords in the wall, and ruined one of the swords.  During all the shuffle, several of the guys cut themselves, so Eric wrote his personal call sign, “Hawk”, on the wall in blood, in large bold letters.

I can’t decide if I should try to clean up the room after he leaves tomorrow, or just move out!  Ha.

Photos taken in Udorn, Thailand

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