Tuesday, July 13, 2010

13 July 1970

13 July 1970

My R&R is approved!!  I’ll be arriving in Hawaii about noon on 1 August.  I don’t have the orders yet, but I’ll be getting them in a few days.  I’ll send off the hotel reservation request tomorrow.

All signs indicate that I will return to Hawaii sometime in late September where I’ll finish my 12 months.

I’ve already drawn $1,000 for R&R.  I still have $75.00 on the books, and that’s through the 15th of this month.  So I can probably save $600 by the time I leave Vietnam.

Today was another typical day.  I flew one mission today and we bombed some enemy bunkers.  I guess about 80% of our targets are bunkers.  You’d think that sooner or later we would destroy all those bunkers.

Photos from Udorn, Thailand

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  1. I'm impressed that you wrote letters, and that someone saved them. Thank you for sharing these with us. People forget. Others just never understand.