Wednesday, July 21, 2010

21 July 1970

21 July 1970

I have the all night ODO tonight, so I’m just relaxing and reading a good book.  There is nothing for me to do tonight except answer the phone.  You see, we have no missions at night anymore, unless we’re on the hot pad.  We used to fly at night all the time, back in December - Feb but that’s when we were bombing in Laos.

We go on the hot pad tomorrow, so the next 5 days will be bad - as always when we have the pad.

I’m feeling remarkably well, despite the 5 days I was sick.  I don’t even feel weak.  I didn’t eat much during those days, so I lost some weight, but I didn’t have any G.I. tract problems, so I wasn’t weakened as normal from sickness.

I now weigh a trim 160 pounds.  I’m unable to shed those love handles, however, - I guess they’re just to firmly attached to my waist.

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  1. Thanks for letting me read these letters. You were much better at correspondence than I was. But then, you were so far from home, and life was unpredictable for you.