Friday, July 23, 2010

23 July 1970

23 July 1970

Nine days from now will be in Hawaii!  That’s a week from Sunday.  It’s really hard to believe that after such a long time, it’s just a few days from now!

I got another can of cookies today.  I sure do appreciate it.

I was on the hot pad this morning, and got scrambled twice.  Both times we went to the same place.  The army has a fire support base that is surrounded and in a lot trouble - so they’ve been running air strikes constantly.  I flew a mission there yesterday and the two today.  I’ve developed sort of a personal interest in that place by now.  Most of the people in our squadron have flown in support of that base and everyone is talking about it.

I’m reading a very good book right now - The Fixer.  I saw the movie some time ago.  The book won the Pulitzer Prize and is quite good.

Marv Stacy from 513 checked in here today.  Even while we’re planning to pull troops out of Vietnam, they’re still sending new people over.  It’s so ridiculous I can’t even believe it!!  Of course that’s the way it was when I came over.  Sure looks like this mess could last another few years, at the present rate. 

I went to the movie tonight for the first time since before I got sick.  It was “Gaily, Gaily” - and was very entertaining.  We had the usual trouble with the projector - or rather the projectionist!  After 9 months of this type movie going, it’ll sure be great to go to a decent movie house.  Perhaps will do that one evening while in Hawaii.

There are many things I really miss - driving, good hamburgers, bottled cokes and Dr. Peppers, malts, etc, etc, etc,.

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