Sunday, July 25, 2010

25 July 1970

25 July 1970

Today has been so long and tiring, that I’m more tired than I’ve been in a long time!!  I was woken up this morning at 0130 for a TPQ.  Then I had the morning hot pad and was scrambled two times.  Then I had ODO this afternoon, and then I had to write the schedule after dinner.  So - I’m pooped.  And I have to get up at 0500 tomorrow to go back on the hot pad.

I didn’t get any mail today, but I got three letters yesterday.

We had a very good dinner tonight.  Saturday is normally the night we have steak - but tonight they served “steamboat round.”  Very good roast beef.  One of our squadrons is leaving tomorrow for Danang so the group was having sort of a farewell party.  The squadron that is moving is an A-4 squadron and no one from the F-4 squadrons really care that they’re leaving.  Ha.

One week from today will be in Hawaii!!!  I can hardly sleep at night for thinking about R&R.  I just don’t know how I ever managed to put it off this long.  Now I know how people feel when they’re all pepped up for R&R and it gets put off for some reason.  If something happened now to cancel R&R I think I might go crazy!  I’m almost counting the hours!!!               

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