Monday, July 19, 2010

19 July 1970

19 July 1970

I’m going into my third night in the hospital - and my “friends” at the squadron haven’t been over since the first day - so I haven’t had any mail for 3 days.  I also haven’t had a chance to do anything about the R&R orders.

My doctor told me today that if my temperature continues to stay down, he’ll probably discharge me tomorrow.  I think he’s finally decided I don’t have malaria, but he doesn’t know what I do have.  My temperature hovers between 99 and 100.  Actually, I’d be relieved if they would find I have malaria and then we could get on with curing it.  I suppose he’ll give me some antibiotic to try to take care of what I have.

Actually, malaria is not that serious a disease, as I see it, and I would have a good excuse for not ever giving blood.  Ha.  At any rate, I hope I’m out of this place by tomorrow night.

Things haven’t been so bad since they stopped taking blood samples.  I haven’t been “stuck” since yesterday morning. 

All I think about is R&R!!!  I was scared silly when I got sick fearing that I wouldn’t get well in time.  Although I’m not “well” yet, things look much brighter than a few days ago!

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