Sunday, July 18, 2010

18 July 1970

18 July 1970

I have before me my R&R orders.  The only thing they are lacking is my C.O.’s signature.  I hope to get this taken care of tomorrow.

I’m in the hospital right now, so I’m not getting around to freely! Ha.  Right now they think I might have malaria.  Back to the beginning.

The day after I sprained my ankle, I began running a high fever and having cold chills and a bad headache.  After two days of that, I went to the doctor (yesterday) and he couldn’t find out what was causing it.  So he sent me over to the U.S. Army’s 27th Surgical Hospital here at Chu Lai, and they immediately admitted me as a FUO (fever unknown origin).  For the first 24 hours they took blood samples every FOUR hours - and you know how I am about needles.

Well, my fever is staying down now, I have virtually no cold chills, and my headache is gone.  In fact I feel well enough to leave.  But, the doctor is to stubborn.  He wants to watch me some more.  So I’m about to spend my second night here.  At least the blood tests have stopped (unless my temp gets out of hand again).  The ward is air conditioned and is kept quite cool as practically everyone in here has malaria and are running high fevers.

This should not effect my R&R.  Even if I do have malaria, it can be cured in 5 - 10 days easy. 

They are taking my temperature right now.

Someone from the squadron should be over tonight to bring my mail, and I’ll have them see that the R&R orders get mailed off right away.

Well my temp was 100.2.  It’s really frustrating that we don’t know what’s causing it.  There are so many types of fever over here, and new ones turn up all the time.  I hope this isn’t one!  Ha.

Photo - Officers shower/toilet facility.

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  1. I guess no need to say, "Feel better soon" to a post that's 40 years old. FUO--I got one in PI. Bugs everywhere. In Feb 1970 I was still teaching radio repair in MCRD-SD. Beautiful place. No need for heroes there.