Wednesday, July 7, 2010

7 July 1970

7 July 1970

Today has been a typical day on the hot pad.  Long - boring - but still got two hops.  Of course I didn’t do anything else all day.

The movie tonight is one I’ve already seen (over here) and is not worth seeing again - I’ll spend the evening reading, I guess.

Haven’t played handball today, but am to tired for that now.

Can hardly wait for R&R.  Although I’ve waited 9 months - I’m very impatient now!  Ha.  It’s only a little over 3 weeks away!

I enjoyed my three day trip to Thailand, and saw a few sights of interest.  I took a number of pictures of a Buddhist monastery and church - hope they turn out good.  I bought that watch my brother wanted. He should have received it by now.  He can consider it a gift from me, for all the help that he has given you guys.   I can’t seem to spell my words very well tonight.  I’m a bit tired, but didn’t realize that tired.

We are not flying any missions in Cambodia, so you won’t need to worry about me getting shot down there.  About 99 percent of our missions are flown right here in I corps.  I got the letter without the stamp but didn’t have to pay any for it.  Thanks for the pictures.  They are very good and I see that everyone is looking well.

I now have National Defense medal, Vietnamese Service Medal, Vietnamese Campaign Medal, Combat Action Ribbon, (no medal)   and nine Air Medals.

Photos take in Udorn, Thailand

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