Friday, September 10, 2010

10 September 1970

Thursday night
10 September 1970

The typhoon in the Philippines areas has really messed things up here!!  We got five planes out this morning before we got word to stop!  We were told not to send anymore planes to Cubi Point - in fact all planes at Cubi Point were sent to Okinawa - including our five.  Well, now the people who run the war over here, i.e. generals and admirals, can’t decide if they want us to wait here until the typhoon threat passes Cubi Point or go to Okinawa and start our TRANSPAC from there.  

You see, there are three squadrons supposed to meet at one common place where we are to be briefed on all the details to get all these planes from here to the states.  That place was to have been Cubi Point.  However the typhoon has ruined the time table, so if we still want to use Cubi Point, everything will have to be postponed a few days, or they can move the whole operation to Okinawa, which we would like to do.  Kadena A.B. is a much nicer place and a lot of people want to buy stereo equipment and ship it home.  Okinawa would be a much better place for that.

Anyway, I’m still in Chu Lai and I guess I’ll still leave here on the 12th , subject to change!

We had another good movie tonight - “Sweet Charity”.  At the end of a long day it’s very refreshing to see a good movie in the evening.  Tomorrow will be more of the same for me, hours of boredom.  I keep telling myself that any one with average intelligence can keep himself busy, so I must not have average intelligence.  I can’t even read, I can’t concentrate on a book.  All I think about is getting out of this place.

Photos - top to bottom

Speeches, and crews for first four aircraft of VMFA-314 to leave Chu Lai.
Refreshments for the Marines
Dancing woman, entertaining the soon to depart Marines

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