Friday, September 3, 2010

3 September 1970

Thursday night
3 September 1970

I am now with VMFA-314!!  And I’m going with them to El Toro!!!  We are to leave Chu Lai on 10 September, leave Cubi Point on or about 15 September, and arrive in El Toro between 20 - 25 September.

Someone realized that VMFA-122 had to many people for the number of airplanes we have to fly to Hawaii.  So we had to transfer some people.  The C.O. asked for volunteers and I did.  I hope I’m not sorry!  Ha.

314 is almost all new guys who will have to come back to Vietnam after they get to El Toro.

I got a package of ripples and bean dip.

18 (?) More days.

Photo - Aircraft 00 of my new squadron, VMFA-314

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