Monday, September 13, 2010

13 September 1970

13 September
Kadena A.B. Okinawa

I got here late last night!!!  I am out of Vietnam for good.  It’s a great feeling to know I’m not going back to Chu Lai.

We’re leaving here the morning of the 16th and will arrive in El Toro on the 20th.  At least I think I’ll be there on the 20th.  So many things have been changed because of weather and other things - that things could change again.

We had our “brief” for the transpac this afternoon, so we’re all set to go.

122 is leaving tomorrow, as is an A-6 squadron which is going to El Toro.  A guy I was in PLCs with is in the A-6 squadron and is staying in the same room I’m in.  In fact, I borrowed this stationary from him, as I don’t have any with me.

I don’t have anything to do while we’re here except eat, sleep, and lay in the sun at the pool.

My flight is scheduled to arrive at El Toro at 1400 on the 20th.

I should be in Hawaii on the 18th.  I’m supposed to fly to El Toro in a flight of 4 F-4's.

Photo - no more camouflage uniforms.    C-130 cargo plane in background.

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