Friday, September 3, 2010

4 September 1970

Friday night
4 September 1970
17 (?) MORE DAYS!

I got photos today and hope to get cookies in the next five days!

I did nothing today as it was my first full day in 314 and I, of course, don’t have a job or any responsibilities at all.  I’ve heard that we probably will not be given a job now, as there are none open.  That’s fine with me because I’ve become used to reading all day.

There was a terrific explosion just now and I just about jumped out of my chair.  Don’t know what it was.

I forget to write yesterday that I flew yesterday.  It was a great feeling, that it was my last combat mission.  Now all I have to worry about are rocket attacks for the next five days, and then the flight home.  As far as I know I’ll be flying to El Toro in a F-4, but I’m not sure.

Photo - Another look at the Vietnamese children we left behind.

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