Thursday, September 2, 2010

2 September 1970

Wednesday night
2 September 1970


I’m scheduled to fly tomorrow - so it’ll be (I hope) my last mission.  We’re having a big MAG-13 celebration because it is the last combat flying day for MAG-13!  Quite a momentous occasion.

Yesterday I got my “going home shots” - cholera and P.P.D.  Also was given 8 malaria pills to take back to the states.  It’s really hard to realize that time is growing short - even though I still have some time left on the 12 months.

This morning I shipped the foot locker - so all I have left here are the things I’ll take with me to Hawaii.  Everything else I’ll burn - i.e. green underwear, old towels, old socks, old shoes, etc.  I’m going to build a big bonfire on the last night and burn all that stuff.  Sort of a celebration of my own.

Tomorrow I must do some laundry.  I have to wash the underwear I’ll be taking with me.  And I hope it’s the last time I do my wash by hand.  Not that it’s all that bad - it’s just the idea!  Ha.

Despite the fact that both squadrons are leaving here in a week - there is still a good deal of confusion about who is going where.  Some guys are to fly planes to El Toro or Hawaii, then come back to Vietnam.  But no one knows just who.  A lot of the newer guys don’t know if they can arrange to meet their wives in El Toro, etc.  at least I know I’m going to Hawaii - for sure - at least.

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