Friday, September 3, 2010

9 September 1970

Wednesday night
9 September 1970

Well, looks like I get to spend two more days here at Chu Lai.  Don Mikulka came down from Danang to take Pat Skeldon’s place, instead of me taking his place.  So Don is leaving tomorrow with the F-4's and I’ll leave Saturday in a C-130.  I’m not bitter though because what’s two days when I’m going to El Toro!!

122 left this morning at 0700.  I went down to see them off and took a few pictures.  Also this morning we had a rocket attack!  Only six rockets and no damage, but we expect more of the same tonight.

Three generals are coming down from Danang to see 314 off tomorrow.  That’s how popular the squadron is over here.  Of course it’s also a sort of farewell to MAG-13 also.

Today was another of those very long days - and I’ve a feeling that the next two days are going to be worse.

We had a terrific wind and rain storm here this afternoon.  There is a typhoon just east of the Philippines and is expected to hit there about Saturday.  That’s another thing I’m worried about!  If the weather gets bad at Cubi Point, I may be here more than two more days.  I’ve been here for nearly 11 months - so you’d think I wouldn’t mind waiting a few more days - but it’s awful.  I want to go right now.

Don Mikulka said he just got word yesterday that he’s going with us and that he doesn’t much want to go.  He’ll get to stay in El Toro and won’t have to come back.  He was due to go home early in November.

It was certainly lonely today without 122, and it’s going to be worse with 314 gone.  Believe it or not, nostalgia is setting in!  Ha.

Photos - F-4s heading to Hawaii.  Notice the center fuel tank.  Two wing tanks and center tank made for a heavy load of jet fuel.

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