Friday, September 3, 2010

8 September 1970

Tuesday night
8 September 1970

122 is leaving tomorrow morning,  and all the mail coming to the squadron is being diverted to Hawaii.  So I will receive no more mail in Vietnam!!  314 to leave day after tomorrow.  That one day without 122 here is going to be lonesome!  All the guys I’ve served with all this time will be gone.  Of course I’ll catch up with them in Cubi Point, and then pass them at Hawaii, so I’m not the least bit sad.  Ha.

The movie tonight was Mash.  It’s a satire of the army medical corps in Korea.  It was really good.  Probably the largest attendance at any movie ever was present.

I have all my gear packed and ready to go.  A plane is leaving tomorrow taking all our gear.  So all I’ll have left here is what I’ll carry with me.

I’ll continue to write as I go across the Pacific.

Pat Skelton, from 513, was supposed to go to El Toro and then come back to Vietnam.  He was planning on seeing his wife there for a few days.  However, he got word today that he is going to FAC duty, so he can’t go to El Toro!  What a bust!!  He has to leave tomorrow for his FAC tour.  We all know the war is over (for Marines) but they keep on harassing us. They just won’t give anyone a break.  There will be one F-4 squadron left in Vietnam, and about 80 F-4 trained aircrews.  And one squadron only needs about 40 aircrews.  All the rest of the guys will just be knocking around, filling misc jobs until their time is up.  It is really very ridiculous!!!!  At least I’m getting out!

Photo - Lt. Kurt Wilbrecht, RIP

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