Thursday, April 15, 2010

15 April 1970

Wednesday morning
15 April 1970

I am now the ALO, the duty expert - and responsible for everything that flies! Ha.  The CO of this battalion is so screwed I don’t even believe it!  He is always worried about things getting screwed up and he causes about 50% of our trouble.

Tomorrow, I hope, we’ll hear some good word about troop withdrawals.

Since I’m back at Baldy, now, I’ll have less to write about - because everyday is just like the day before.  Nothing new ever happens.

I do plan to buy a slide projector before I return to the states.  I can probably get one at Chu Lai, when I get back there.  I intend to get a projector with a slide tray that holds as many slides as possible, 80 or more.  Then I’ll get some extra trays.  I figure I’ve taken over 200 pictures since I’ve been over here.  Right now I have over 50 slides, here.  I  have another 36 slides sent off for developing.

The pictures I sent in my last letter were taken with my new camera.  I bought it at Chu Lai for less than $50 - and it can take pictures inside without a flash!!  However, it has to be real well lit inside.

The camera is a Konica S2, 35 mm, and has an automatic electric eye.   It also has all the goodies I wanted.  It takes up to 36 slides or pictures per roll.  I’ve been taking it out to the bush with me, so I have a lot of pictures of the troops, Vietnamese, etc.  The roll I have sent off now should have the best pictures on it.  I’ll be sending a few of the B & W pictures in each letter.  I’ll send the slides when I get a chance.

I intend to buy a flash attachment, and a tripod for the camera.  The camera has a time setting on it that allows about 15 secs between the time the button is depressed and the picture actually takes.  So by using a tripod, we can take pictures of ourselves, with everyone in the picture.  Great, eh?

I’ve been very pleased with the pictures I’ve been getting with the camera.  I borrowed a flash attachment at Chu Lai and took pictures of one of the floor shows we had.  Some of the slides are real good.  However, I was to far away to get really good pictures.

Photo - LTs with to much time on their hands.

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