Thursday, April 8, 2010

8 April 1970

Wednesday morning
8 April 1970


During the night we found a VC inside one of the straw thatch houses right here inside our lines!  In fact this house was about 25 yards from where the company CO  was sleeping, and less than 50 yards from me! 

He apparently was flashing a light, as though signaling someone.  We got our K.C.S. (Kit Carson Scout - former VC turned good guy) who tried to get the VC to come out.  He would not come out so they threw a flare grenade up next to the house to light it up.  The VC still would not come out - so the K.C.S. opened  fire with his rifle and killed him!

 So I’ve now seen my first dead VC.  Meanwhile, the house caught on fire and burned to the ground, so the Marines turned firemen to keep the fire from spreading.

We found out that this VC had been here about 3 days and these people were hiding him all yesterday afternoon after we came in here.

So this morning, all the people who live in this hamlet have been gathered up and we are going to search this hamlet good.  These people are definitely VC sympathizers .  We came in here to protect these people from the VC!! and we find out they’re hiding one.  How about that.

(Following is entry from diary - 8 April)

Yesterday we moved across the sand dunes again and set up in a hamlet.  This hamlet appeared quite prosperous and friendly.  However, the "friendly" was mere put on for we discovered a VC hiding in a house near the C.P.  He was shot to death by the KCS when he refused to come out.  Also, the house caught fire and burned down.  The remainder of the night passed uneventfully. 

This morning all the people in this hamlet were gathered in the C.P. and the KCS harangued them all morning long.  We sent for National Policemen to come, and they arrived about noon to take charge of the villagers.

One young woman especially strikes me as being quite intelligent and even educated - as she seems to be a bit amused by all that is happening.  She is quite attractive as far as peasant Vietnamese women go.  Has small child about 2 years.

VC was shot in head and had gaping hole in left temple.  My first look at a dead (or live) VC.

Ate dinner with the National Policemen.  Very good food - c-rations cooked with rice.  Also hot tea followed by cigarettes.

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