Friday, April 9, 2010

9 April 1970

9 April 1970

I finally got a letter today!!  Something I would like to have is packages of instant oatmeal or cream of wheat, etc.  Anything that can be mixed with water I would love to have!  Makes a good relief from c-rations.

We’re still in this village where we shot the VC.  We found out that the woman who was protecting him was either his wife, or they were “shacking up”.  I guess we’ll be moving out of here tomorrow - but I’m not sure.

Ron, the ALO, wanted me to come back to Baldy, so he could go to Danang for a few days to get some flight time.  However the Battalion CO said he would have to wait a few days.  Why, I don’t know.

Right at this minute we’re having trouble with the helicopter who is supposed to pick up the Bn CO.  He came out here to our position for a briefing with all the company COs but now we can’t get the helicopter back!  I hate working with the choppers because they are so undependable!

A nice thing about being in this village is that it has bamboo thickets all around so we can stay in the shade at all times.  The sun really glares down and, with the humidity, is quite uncomfortable.

I’ve started a diary!!  Seems like every day there is something happens that is so ridiculous that I just have to write it down - since I can’t bitch to anyone, really.  These ground pounders are so retarded I can’t even believe it!

(following is from diary entry of 9 April)

C and C [command and control] bird is all screwed up, as usual.

Village and hamlet chiefs showed up and want to burn this place to the ground.  All the civilians packed up and left.

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