Friday, April 16, 2010

16 April 1970

Thursday morning
16 April 1970

Rats - Rats - Rats - President Nixon put off his much awaited speech, much to the disappointment of every Marine in Vietnam!  I couldn’t even believe the reason that was given for doing so.  If the men in Vietnam don’t mean more than 3 men in space, I wonder if he is going to announce a troop withdrawal at this time!

R & R in Tokyo would be wonderful.  Of course, it’ll cost more, but that shouldn’t be any problem.  So from this minute forward, I’ll plan on R & R in Tokyo on the 1st of August.  I’ll put in my request for that.  I haven’t talked to anyone who has gone there for R & R, so I don’t have any idea about places to stay.  But they’ll have a Hilton Hotel there.  Of course all of this will be subject to cancellation, in event I leave Vietnam before 1  August and I’m fairly sure I will ! (I hope)

As things stand right now, I’d like to stay here until June or July, then go to Japan for the remainder of my tour.

I’m sitting in the COC right now, and another long day has begun.  I hope this day won’t be as hectic as was yesterday!!  Last night I went to the o’club to the movie, and I was called back to the COC in the middle of the movie.  One of our companies was in contact and they had requested an airplane to drop flares over their position.  As it turned out, they didn’t need the airplane, and shouldn’t have requested it.  Fortunately, I had already seen the movie, so I didn’t miss anything there!

I received the package of soup and Kool-Aid yesterday.  I won’t have to use it here at Baldy, but I’ll save it until I go to the bush again - then it’ll be great to have!!  Haven’t got the pudding yet.

Photo - View of enlisted housing at LZ Baldy.

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