Friday, April 23, 2010

23 April 1970

23 April 1970

I’m returning to the bush this afternoon!!!  I’ve had all the soft life I can take!  Ha.  I guess it might look like I’m quitting by running back to the bush to get away from the Col. - well I am!  I just can’t see putting up with him when I can be out in the bush where the action is and no one bothers me.

C Co has a new CO.  He is a guy I went to TBS [The Basic School, six month course for new Marine officers ] with - but he is a Captain now.  He had graduated from the Naval Academy a year before TBS and had gone to school in Europe.  So - since he is a Capt, I have to say “sir” and I can’t call him by his first name, etc.  Proper protocol dictates this in the division!

Right now the helicopters are on weather hold in Marble Mountain, so things are already getting all balled up.  Everyday something seems to get messed up.  Although yesterday was better than most!

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