Thursday, April 1, 2010

1 April 1970

Wednesday morning
1 April 1970

Here it is - April Fools Day - beginning my 6th month.  I’m not counting this as half way point.  I count it as about two thirds point!!

We’re still at Baldy doing nothing!  In the past two days I’ve read three paperback books and part of another!  I’ve done nothing except read and eat!  I think I’ve already put back the weight I had lost in the bush!

We’ve been told that we may go out tonight on tanks to practice reacting, or something.  It is almost impossible to get the word ahead of time because of the security problems.  Yesterday and today the troops of Charlie company have had some exercises with the tanks - so I guess that might be some indication.  Apparently this period of time is a high threat time and we might get attacked.

We were supposed to have a brief yesterday on “the selection of landing zones”, but the brief was cancelled when the helicopters carrying the briefing team collided with each other!!!  The helicopters are something we can’t do without - but they are so undependable!  The chopper brings us our food, water, and mail, and picks up our wounded, but we still curse them!!  I’ve grown to dislike helicopters even more than I did before!  I especially hate to fly on them.

My radio operator is a negro boy from South Carolina.  He jumped from a PFC to Cpl in two days and was nominated for the Silver Star, all because of his heroic actions during a battle in February.  He is a real character, as most young negroes are - but a good man all the same.

A friend of mine, an artillery forward observer assigned to Charlie company, and I are about to walk down to the PX just to have something to do - because I really don’t need anything!  This guy is from Boston and knows Don Mikulka and his family - in fact they lived in the same neighborhood.  Small world (again)!

Listening to the news and hear that Maryland has legalized abortions - it’s about time states have finally begun to do this.

Photo - three Lts. - air, artillery and naval gunfire.

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