Tuesday, March 30, 2010

30 March 1970

Monday morning
30 March 1970

I just now woke up and can’t get back to sleep because 1)  my back is killing me and, 2) there are some carpenters working nearby with a power saw!!

Charlie company is now back at Baldy.  We got back here yesterday morning.  We’re the only company in the battalion to come back to be this “react” force.  No one seems to know how long we’ll be in this status.

My pay each month is $310.  I haven’t been paid now for a month, so I have that much money left on the books.  I have plenty of cash on me to last while I’m FAC, so I don’t intend to take any pay for a couple of months.  I can probably save $600 - $900 by the time we pull out of country (if we do).  The reason I haven’t been saving like this before now is because I had spent so much money in the Philippines and Okinawa! 

Photo - all my "gear."

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