Saturday, March 13, 2010

13 March 1970

Friday night
13 March 1970

Tonight is my last night in Chu Lai - unless my orders get changed before I get on the plane in the morning.  I have a 0810 flight to Da Nang to become a “grunt”.  Even though I’m taking just the bare necessities, it was to much to put in one bag - I had a lot of overflow!

Tonight we had a floor show at the club and then afterwards several people and the band went to a Lt. Col’s hooch where we proceeded to have a real party.  It was just like that last squadron party at 513 when Tom Greer was trying to get me to drink something.  Only this time it was Russ Fyke.  His baby is due May 20 something.  Rick Hines is expecting a baby much sooner, in April, I think.

I really don’t have much to write.

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