Sunday, March 21, 2010

21 March 1970

Saturday morning   
21 March 1970

We finally got this operation under way, after a 24 hour delay due to bad weather in the objective area.  So we got to spend two nights at Baldy which no one minded.

I fear that I have failed to describe, fully, just what LZ Baldy is.  Landing Zone Baldy is a helipad where 7th Marine Regiment Headquarters is located.  This, also, is where our “rear” is located, consisting of supply and admin personnel mostly.  During this period we are the “swing” battalion which means we do not have a specific A.O. (area of operation), but are used to operate anywhere in the 7th Marines A.O.  At the end of a months time, we will no longer be on “swing” and one of the other battalions will go on swing.

We finally got this current operation started yesterday afternoon.  We are operating in “Antenna Valley”, a traditionally bad area where all people are considered V.C. sympathizers.  I landed at the L.Z. on hill 90 here in the valley with the assault forces who secured the L.Z. for the following helicopters.  We had expected this to be a hot L.Z., enemy contact, but not a shot was fired then, or since.  I moved out, then, with C company to a position about one quarter mile to the west, where we have established our position.  From here we will send out patrols and ambushes in the valley.

Last night was miserable!!  Hot, and mosquitoes swarming!  We have a problem with malaria, and have to take a malaria pill once a week to keep from getting malaria.

Since we are located on the valley floor, the sun is out, no breeze, high humidity and is very uncomfortable!!!  I have built a “shelter” to keep out of the sun which helps a little.

As far as I know we’ll remain in this position until the operation is complete.

I have a machete type knife I bought at JEST school in the Philippines.  It is very handy here in the jungle.  I used bamboo stalks to build my shelter and used this knife to cut the stalks.

There are very strong rumors that the 7th Marines will be withdrawn from Vietnam during April or May, in which event I’ll go back to the squadron.  So, I may only spend five to six weeks as FAC.  And one week is already gone!

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