Saturday, March 6, 2010

6 March 1970

Friday night
6 March 1970

I’m sending this clipping just in case you missed that news.  Very interesting - and causing a great deal of speculation!!!

I’m going to go ahead and request R and R for the end of June, as planned.  I need to do this before I leave for FAC because I have to do it through the squadron.  As time goes on and I find out more about this pull out business, I can always cancel the R and R.

I flew two missions today - both very interesting and challenging because of the nature of the targets and the bad weather in the target area.

On the first one, the C.O. was leading the hop and I was in dash two.  The C.O. and his RIO couldn’t talk to the FAC because they had bad radios, so I had to do all the talking for the flight to the FAC.  The C.O. was very complimentary to me when we got back.

Well enough bragging!

It’s now 20 weeks and 32 to go - but everyone knows we won’t be here for that long!

Gee, I really can’t think of anything to write!

We had a fair movie tonight, of which I got to see the last half.  I had to write the flight schedule for tomorrow.  The movie was “A Man and a Woman”, an “art” film which has received a lot of awards for various things.

I finally got my laundry back today - it had been at the laundry for about ten days!!

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